Using smart electronic devices, equipped with glass mirrors, floor mats are simple ways to make the bedroom space more stylish and modern.

The bedroom is the most personal space in the house where you relax and recharge. Recently, many smart furniture products have been introduced to help overcome space limitations and bring modern and minimalist beauty to the room. A few suggestions below will help readers refresh their bedroom space.

Use floor mats

Adding a rug is one of the simplest ways to add style and warmth to a room. Whether you’re a fan of florals or modern designs, the carpet choices have it all.

“When thinking about the typical style of the bedroom, people often think of wall paintings or paint colors. However, everything should start from the floor. The right rug can help transform your space,” says interior expert Drew Scott.

Some tips for using carpets that users can apply such as lining multiple sheets on top of each other to arrange colors and define space. Placing a large rug around the bed is also a good option. This makes it more comfortable to walk around.

Decorate pictures, pictures

Hanging pictures, pictures with appropriate themes and colors to hang in the bedroom contributes to the elegance of the space. According to Apartment Therapy , users need to consider the subject, color, style and pattern of the painting before choosing. In addition, the color and material of the picture frame are also points that users need to pay attention to.

A beautiful picture will cover the large gap between the wall, making the space different. The position above the bed is the place many people choose to hang pictures. In addition to choosing to hang one large picture, you can try the idea of ​​​​using many smaller pictures, arranged in a gallery format. With 4 or 5 well arranged paintings, the space will become much more cohesive.

Equipped with smart electronic devices

Newer electronic devices have a modern, attractive design that is suitable for many home decor styles. Besides normal use, these products are also a special furniture.

Unlike traditional, large, thick TVs that take up a lot of space and ruin the decoration layout in space, LG’s OLED TV product line has an ultra-thin, delicate design that is like a work of art.

LG OLED TV product evo G1 with a thin bezel of only 0.9mm, when combined with a special mount, can be wall mounted without leaving a gap. As a result, the device becomes in harmony with the home’s bedroom space.

Besides, when not in use, the device automatically switches to displaying artwork, so there is no longer a large black patch in the middle of the room, but helps users express their personal style by customizing the interior. Art content displayed on TV, suitable for living space layout.

In addition, this is also a TV line with high display quality. With deep blacks, high brightness and good contrast, LG OLED evo G1 brings a better experience of watching movies, playing games, etc. to users.

Large size mirror hanging

Besides making the room feel more spacious, the mirrors are also a decorative item to help the bedroom space more luxurious. A large mirror with a meticulously decorated frame will help the room stand out.

“Many people make the mistake of using a mirror that is too small. Ideally, you should own a large-sized mirror to create a better space effect and fill the room with light,” said Apartment Therapy .

Most users think of the reflective use of glass mirrors rather than decorative purposes. However, a mirror with a unique design and meticulous decoration is like a piece of jewelry for the wall.

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