A few tweaks, new appliances in the house can bring a new feeling and better quality to the living space.

Just by tweaking the layout of the items or equipping some more items, the owner was able to refresh the living space, making living and working more inspired. This is one of the simplest ways to enhance your homeowner’s life. Here are a few suggestions to help you refresh your home.

Smart interior equipment

Using smart furniture is a popular trend in modern homes. The important feature of these items is their versatility and ease of folding. As a result, a product can meet many needs and provide a more comfortable living space for homeowners.

A sofa usually occupies a large area in the living room, but its use is not large. That’s why designers create chairs that can be assembled into a bed or have extra space to store things. Some other popular types of smart furniture such as folding dining table, wooden cabinet cum bookshelf function…

When choosing smart furniture, houses with a small area will have more “breathing” space, making it convenient for living. In addition, purchasing these items will help save costs thanks to a product that can be used for many functions.

Using a multi-tasking entertainment device

Electronic devices make an important contribution to a modern living space, increasing the comfort of homeowners. The newly launched product lines have unique designs, with the ability to use for many purposes.

Recently, LG introduced the LG StandbyME multitasking entertainment device, which can serve many working and entertainment needs of users. The product is a combination of a 27-inch touch screen and a flexibly movable stand. In addition, the manufacturer equips the StanbyME with a 5,000 mAh battery, which can be used continuously for about 3 hours, limited depending on the power source.

Smartphones or TVs are popular means of entertainment in many homes. However, smartphones are often limited in display size. Meanwhile, traditional TVs or screens take up a lot of space to arrange, difficult to move. So a personal entertainment product like LG StandbyME will solve many problems of modern users.

Change the lighting layout

Changing the position and light of a few lights in the house can also make a difference to the home and the mood of the owner. Apartment Therapy editor Alyssa Longbucco said her living space became more alive, warm and positive after switching to new light bulbs that can adjust color temperature.

Besides, homeowners should try to make more use of natural light. Open space, with lots of natural light, makes the room feel larger than it actually is. In large buildings and offices, business owners will install glass windows to take advantage of this light source to give the viewer a feeling of spaciousness and openness.

Besides, natural light helps to kill bacteria and increase air quality. A study from the University of Oregon and the Chan School of Public Health, Harvard TH (USA) found that exposure to sunlight can significantly reduce the number of bacteria living in the dust microbial community.

According to Natural News, moderate exposure to sunlight helps to lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, relieve stress…

Plant more trees

Using green plants and fresh flowers is a simple and popular way to decorate and refresh living space. In addition to helping the house have more vitality, trees also help purify the air, creating a better environment.

To take care of indoor plants effectively, users need to pay attention to watering and lighting arrangement. Apartment Therapy believes that plants are also a great companion in life. When taking care of plants, users can observe the change from seed to seedling, from sprout to flower, from bloom to wither.

Spending more time in contact with plants helps us reduce heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn can reduce mental fatigue. On the other hand, many studies also show that phytoncides in the air released by plants have the ability to boost the human immune system.

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