On the day off, we often have a sluggish mentality and not much interest when we have to get up and practice. However, people need to understand that motivation is temporary and discipline is permanent, what keeps you going.

Therefore, instead of looking for some motivation to exercise during Tet, I think you should form a practice habit in advance and should not have a “self-reward” mentality during this time.

Most people often think “It’s New Year’s Eve, give yourself a break”, so let the laziness arise in these days. Therefore, to avoid regret after ending this holiday, it is necessary to immediately remove that mentality.

Suggested exercises for Tet:

Currently, I mainly do resistance exercises that incorporate bodyweight and will maintain them during the Tet holiday. For me, this time we just can’t go to the gym like the rest of the day without affecting the exercises at all.

Instead, we can do simple exercises at home, combined with supporting tools such as weights, resistance bands, … to increase efficiency.

However, HIIT is also a suitable exercise for these days because it does not need a lot of training time or complicated equipment but still burns a lot of calories.

Here is my HIIT workout suggestion: Do each movement for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat the combination for 4 times:

Jump squat
Push up
High knee
Jumping jack
Up and down plank
Time to practice during Tet:

During the Tet holiday, we have a lot of free time, but in my opinion, the most suitable time is to practice in the morning.

Usually other time frames of the day we will spend for parties, dates with friends, New Year’s greetings,… At the end of those activities we will feel tired and difficult to get up to exercise. .

However, if you don’t have much time, you can walk or run around yourself. More simply, instead of lying down watching TV, surfing the phone when you have free time, you can stand up to clean the house and walk gently to burn down calories.

Science has proven that when exercising, the body will produce the hormone endorphin that helps us feel excited, happy and joyful. It does not take too much time, but the practice will help you to be full of energy during the Tet holiday.

Tips for training:

This exercise is quite simple, suitable for many people.
Choose the exercise and form of exercise that is best for you.
Start exercising at least 45 minutes to an hour after eating and warm up your joints thoroughly to avoid injury.

To maintain eating clean during the Tet holiday in my opinion is quite difficult because the dishes of this holiday often have high calories.

I also do not force myself to follow strictly, but will apply the knowledge about nutrition that I know to choose the right way to eat and dishes.

Some tips for preparing food during Tet:

With dishes with complicated processing such as: banh chung, spring rolls, frozen meat, … it is quite difficult to reduce calories but still retain the characteristic flavor. So, I will limit the fat and bad fats of other dishes by:

Use an oil-free fryer for fried spring rolls
Use olive oil in small amounts for frying and sautéing
Use lean pork/beef tenderloin for stir-fries.
To limit weight gain, in addition to eating, exercising is also very important. You should maintain the exercise as suggested above.

Some tips to eat clean during Tet:

Drink a full glass of water 15 minutes before eating.
Prioritize eating chicken breast meat first in the meal.
Eat in order: boiled food, green vegetables, fried food, starch and fried food (For example: eat chicken first, then vegetables, then vermicelli, banh chung, spring rolls,…)
Limit drinking fruit juices, carbonated water while eating
Snack on nuts (almonds, sunflowers, cashews) and avoid sweets and jams altogether.

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