Save 30% off New look belted trench fans are obsessed with | The Sun

NEW LOOK has recently unveiled a new style edit from TV personality Emily Atack, featuring multi-tasking staple pieces.
But there is one item in particular from the edit that’s proving to be very popular on social media.
A post shared by New Look (@newlook)

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The Camel Check Revere Collar Belted Trench Coat, which retails for £59.99, has already racked up over 650 likes on the retailer’s official Instagram page.
The light camel coloured belted coat features a check panel and revere collar neckline detail.
The long sleeves and midi length make it a great piece to throw on over your warm layers now, or teamed with a summer dress once the weather warms up.
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Save 15% off at River Island when you spend £30 or more

Dear Frances is the sustainable shoe brand A-list celebs are obsessed with
Fans have taken to the comments section to compliment the chic outerwear, which is ideal for the period of transitional weather ahead of spring.
One follower posted: “Oh this is beautiful! Such a staple” with a heart eyes emoji.
Another shared: “I have this” with a heart emoji, adding “Lovee”.
While one fan stated: “This is stunning”
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Back off
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Others shared their delight by posting comments like “Obsessed” and “Need”.
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This deal valid across absolutely everything full priced, but you must spend a minimum of £125,
Head to the Sun Vouchers website to redeem the exclusive discount code, which is valid until February 28 for all new and returning New Look customers.
Looking for more outerwear inspiration? Check out our guide on the best trench coats for 2023.
Plus this other must-have Emily Atack New Look coat is tipped as the perfect designer dupe
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I’m a traveller – how I get my living room sparkling & how I know you’re not a real gypsy by your hoover | The Sun

A TRAVELLER woman has taken to social media to show off how she gets her living room sparkling.
She also claimed that you’re not a real gypsy if you don’t own a Henry hoover. 

Known on TikTok as @cuzinsuzy92, Suzy has amassed an impressive 78k followers and 1.5million likes on the video sharing platform.
In one of her recent clips, she shared her cleaning routine, as she explained how she gets her living room looking fresh. 
She said: “Clean my living room with me.
“Carpet hasn’t been laid yet so don’t judge.
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“There’s my Henry [Hoover]. Are you a real gypsy traveller without a Henry? I don’t f***ing think so.
“Hoovering the sofa is the first point of call.
“Get all the filth and all the dirt, because I’m disgusting. 
“Oh look at that – dirt. Gipsies have dirt? Yes they do. Because apparently they don’t on this app.
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My work sent me home for violating the dress code – I’m too ‘distracting’

Back off
I never wear a bra but it’s so gross when pervy men stare – – it’s unacceptable

Mum-of-13 who has 8 different baby daddies says people always judge her

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“Wipe down the sofa with my little blue cloth.
“I have loads of these and this is the sofa one which is going to be thrown away in a minute, for anybody asking.
“I hoovered up and moved everything.
“I missed a chunk out where I wiped the floor by hand and put the rug down.
“I also just realised I didn’t film myself wiping down the tables.
“Those cupboards got done yesterday so I won’t be doing them today.” 
Suzy’s video has clearly impressed many, as it was only posted yesterday, but has quickly racked up a whopping 200.6k views.
It has 12.4k likes, 127 comments and 18 shares.
TikTok users loved Suzy’s home and were quick to reflect this in the comments. 
One person said: “Wow your living room is beautiful.” 
Another added: “Your house is beautiful so classsy but homely 🥰” 
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Tesco has made a big change to loo roll – and customers are not happy

I’m a traveller & my easy 80p Dunelm hack gets grimey windows sparkling clean
A third commented: “There is something so comforting about gypsy or traveller clean tik tok it’s so nice to watch 🥰” 
Meanwhile, someone else asked: “Hi just wondering why your sofa is not wrapped in plastic?” to which Suzy replied “This has been removed – the sofa is being given away. I’m getting a new one.” 
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I bought a cute skirt from PrettyLittleThing – but when it arrived I might as well have worn the plastic bag it came in | The Sun

A TRENDY fashionista was mortified after seeing the poor quality of a white skirt she had ordered from the fast fashion giant PrettyLittleThing.
Unfortunately, cheap garments come at a price – and one style lover, Keila (@notkeilaf) learnt it the hard way.

Looking to give her wardrobe an update, the young woman decided to check out what’s new on PrettyLittleThing.
There, amongst thousands of garments, she stumbled upon a white slinky mini skirt that retailed for just £6.
Not one to sleep on a bargain, Kaila – believed to be from the UK – immediately bagged the skimpy piece of clothing.
However, once it finally arrived, the shopper was mortified at the poor quality and took to TikTok to share the disastrous fail.
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”Bought this skirt from PLT just for it to be the worst quality I’ve ever seen.
”A plastic bag has better material,” she exclaimed in the video.
Demonstrating just how see-through the little number was, Kaila added that she should’ve done her shopping at Shein, one of Molly Mae Hague’s main rivals.
Fellow fashionistas were just at stunned at how easily you could see the tags peeking through and many flocked to comment to share their thoughts.
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My work sent me home for violating the dress code – I’m too ‘distracting’

Back off
I never wear a bra but it’s so gross when pervy men stare – – it’s unacceptable

Mum-of-13 who has 8 different baby daddies says people always judge her

Pro piercer reveals the four piercings everyone should steer clear of

”Sheins [Shein’s] better quality at this point,” one style enthusiast agreed.
One person saw the clip just in time, writing: ”was just about to buy this ffs the state.”
FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today
”I’ve got the same one in black, it was so short and thin,” a fast fashion fan revealed.
”i bought my white skirt on shein and it’s thick quality and not see through at all,” someone else recommended.
This is not the first negative customer experience that’s gone viral – one shopper was left looking like the binman after ordering an orange coat from the site.
Cerise Lynch shared the video on TikTok, alongside caption: ”PLT at it again.”
According to her, she was scrolling on Pretty Little Thing trying to find new fits that would make her ”a bit edgy and cool”.
One of the items that caught her eye in the spree was a long, orange coat, which the shopper decided to order.
However, what arrived, despite being the same colour, looked nothing like the promoted photos and had an odd fit.
”Do you need your bins collected, hun?
”Please exit here, here and here,” she went on to demonstrate, adding she looked like an EasyJet air hostess.
The mortified shopper even found a striking resemblance between the new coat and a scarecrow: ”Did anyone order a scarecrow or what?”
”PLT are so trash,” is how one viewer described the fast fashion giant.
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Tesco has made a big change to loo roll – and customers are not happy

I’m a traveller & my easy 80p Dunelm hack gets grimey windows sparkling clean
Another user commented: ”THIS IS YOUR PILOT SPEAKING.”
”best tiktok I’ve seen all day,” someone thought.

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I’m a size 22 with 44G cup boobs – I tried two black dresses from PrettyLittleThing, people say there was a clear winner | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE fashion influencer compared two bargain dresses from PrettyLittleThing.
The TikTok user, who goes by Velvety Cleopatra, modeled the looks for her followers.

Cleopatra, who wears a size 22 and has 44G cup boobs, explained that she was impressed with the clothing brand’s inclusive sizing in the past.
In her video, she tried on a black velvet midi dress with a V-neck detail, $12.
“It’s velvet, it’s black, it’s sexy. Let me show you what it looks like on me,” Cleopatra told viewers.
Modeling the stylish look, she said: “Firstly, it’s too big, I bought a 22 but it’s way too big. Let’s just tuck it under the arms to hold it there.”
The TikToker also pointed out that the length of the PrettyLittleThing dress was “way too long.”
She explained: “It’s cutting me at a point that makes me just look like a weird in of shape.”
However, Cleopatra concluded that the bargain buy would look good after she touched it up.
“I think I’d add straps, it needs something to hold it up. And I would shorten it. Just imagine it with straps and cut off just below the knee, I think that’s far more flattering,” she said.
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For her second look, Cleopatra showed her followers the black velvet underwired midi dress with a cross front, $62.
“This is meant to be the more modest of the two. I’m not sure I could go out like this,” she told her followers.
The TikTok user added: “I just feel like maybe I wouldn’t feel very secure in this.”
Cleopatra explained that she had been intending to wear the dress to a first date but was worried it would give the wrong impression.
“If I turned up to a first date in this, they’re going to think I’m totally up for it, aren’t they?” she joked.
The fashion expert concluded: “I do like it, maybe I could fashion some kind of mesh underlay for it.”
TikTok users took to the comments section to vote on their favorite look.
“Both dresses are beautiful! That second has me. I need to get one now!” said one viewer.
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Tesco has made a big change to loo roll – and customers are not happy

I’m a traveller & my easy 80p Dunelm hack gets grimey windows sparkling clean
Another follower wrote: “I love the second one, I think it supports enough.”
“Ooooooo! That second one is money! Gorgeous!” commented a third person.

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Mrs Hinch only just realises how kids are supposed to eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal & it’s blowing other celeb mums’ minds | The Sun

MRS HINCH has left celeb mums stunned after she revealed how kids are supposed to eat a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal.
Sophie Hinchcliffe, 32, took to Instagram this afternoon to share the hidden way to eat the kids’ meal.

And the cleanfluencer was left stunned when she realised there was a way to open the McDonald’s Happy Meal package so that her children, Ronnie, 3, and Lennie, 1, can eat it without making a mess.
She said: “Yup, I was today years old when I realised you could do this.”
Mrs Hinch shared how the bottom third of the happy meal package had a tab you can pull off to use the bottom of the box as a tray.
After peeling back the tab she then removed the top of the box and emptied the chips and burger into the tray.

Mrs Hinch fights tears as she opens up about son’s delayed speech

Mrs Hinch shows off Home Bargains haul with cheap cleaning bits & Easter buys
Not only does it mean less mess made by the kids, but it also means mums will have less washing up to do.
“What have I been doing all my life?” she pondered.
“I have no idea, but I can promise you now this has changed my life, forever.”
“WHHHAATTT! Please tell me I’m not alone here? Did anyone else not know this? Why am I always late to the party,” she captioned the post.
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The post quickly went viral and other celeb mums were quick to comment revealing they had no idea about the clever hack.
Youtube influencer and mum Zoe Sugg wrote: “I also DID NOT KNOW THIS!”
Fellow cleaning influencer, Mrs D commented: “I’ve only just recently found this out. I wish I’d known about this when my boys were little.”
Georgia Kousoulou from the Only Way is Essex added: “It’s the best thing ever.”
Parenting author Rachaele Hambleton, or as she’s famously known, Part-Time Working Mummy, penned: “Wow. Wilby’s staple and I did not know that. He will be well impressed when I pull that one out the bag later.”
Vicky Pattison from Georgie Shore was in hysterics by Mrs Hinch’s discovery, writing: “Dying,” with a laughing emoji.
Plenty of people were left stunned by the realisation, one mum added: “You’re not alone! I didn’t know you could do this either.”
“What the hell? When did they do that,” asked another.

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I love showing off in thong bikinis at the beach, I get glares from middle-aged women & men stare but I don’t care | The Sun

SHE’S got a body to die for, and loves showing it off in skimpy bikinis when she hits the beach.
But doing so earns her glares from women and stares from men, Jessy explained in a video on her TikTok page.

“When you wear a thong to a family beach in the middle of nowhere and now a bunch of middle-aged women are giving you the stink eye while their husbands keep giving you side stares,” she wrote over a clip of herself walking along the sands.
“Suddenly all the husbands wanna take pictures of the beautiful ‘view’ and water,” one person commented on the video.
“Phone coming out for a few seconds…preserving memories,” another added.
“As a husband…I appreciate all that you do,” a third joked.
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“Where is this beach. I will come there and give these women a piece of my mind!!” someone else commented.
While others were less complimentary about Jessy’s patterned two-piece.
“Classy, lol,” one person wrote.
“Nobody cares what you wear… quit making something out of nothing,” another added.
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“sad when this is all u can contribute to society,” a third commented.
“People are looking at u bc you’re shallow not out of jealousy.”
As another person wrote: “You’re beautiful but why do you want to wear something that can come across as hyper sexual, at a FAMILY beach w/kids.
“This isn’t the flex you think.”
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I’m a ‘traditional wife’ – I always have a full fridge of cold beer and dinner ready when my husband gets home from work | The Sun

WHILE many believe the stereotypical woman cooking for her husband idea is outdated, others say it’s what they do best.
One stay-at-home mom named Meredith King said she always ensures her husband has a cold beer and a homemade meal ready for him when he gets home from work – and some people are pressed about it.

Posting to her TikTok (@_meredithking), the housewife proudly shared her daily routine.
“Things I do as a traditional homemaker right before my husband comes home from work that just make sense,” she began.
The first thing on her list is to do some tiding up – specifically, vacuuming the kitchen.
Smiling in front of a mini fridge packed with cans of beer, she said she always double checks that there is enough cold beer waiting for him at the house.
But just in case he comes back from work in the mood for something “stronger,” she also cleans a bourbon glass so that he has an easy back up option.
To go with his beverage of choice, she ensures she has something tasty in the works: “Have dinner cooking or prepped (if I remember to thaw out meat).”
And lastly, so that he could kick his feet up and unwind, she makes sure to find the remote control to their living room television that her toddler probably misplaced earlier.
“Living that traditional wife life,” Meredith claimed, clearly proud of her marriage.
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Teacher made ‘distress call’ before being ‘shot dead with daughter by husband’

happy holly-day
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Although she seemed to enjoy her day-to-day routine, some viewers couldn’t help but call her out for her role as a doting wife.
“I love my husband enough to not be his mom. Wtf,” one person wrote.
“Get a job,” added another.
Most of the comments, however, showed support for her choices.
“For many, this is how they show love and that they care for the other person. Not everyone has the same love language and that’s okay,” one person noted.
“The fact that people don’t WANT to do kind things for the person they love. Selfish society with failed relationships. Keep doing you,” added another.

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Sarah Ferguson wows in ‘signature’ style


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Sarah Ferguson has already been busy this year as she has been spotted at various engagements across Europe, most notably promoting her new book, Her Heart for a Compass. The royal often shared photos of herself on social media, and, in her latest post, the Duchess looked stunning in a red dress.
Sarah shared a photo of herself in a gorgeous red dress worn underneath a military-style jacket.
Her dress seemed to feature a tight-fitted bodice and a slightly pleated skirt.
It had a cinched in waist that accentuated Sarah’s figure.
Her military-style jacket was a teal colour with darker sleeve cuffs and adorned with gold detailing.
View this post on Instagram
A post shared by Sarah Ferguson (@sarahferguson15)

It also had gold buttons and an upturned gold and red collar.
As for accessories, it seemed Sarah was wearing a silver watch and silver, dangling earrings that almost reached her shoulders.
The earrings seemed to be made of small, circular pearls and one square-shaped diamond on each earring.
Her red locks were swept back in natural waves, which fell past her shoulders.
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She wore her usual make-up look of dark mascara, eyeliner, and a little blusher on her cheeks.
In her photo’s caption, Sarah wrote: “Lots to smile about lately! And it is very important to remember that there is always something to smile about.”
Royal fans were quick to comment on the Duchess’ photo, complimenting her look. Instagram user @annelkeating wrote: “Great photo.”
Ffion Moyle commented: “Sarah looks lovely here.”

User @prfried wrote: “You look amazing. Keep up your writing too and your great children’s book recommendations. In fact… just keep up everything.”
Sarah is a huge fan of military-style jackets and has worn similar ones to her teal and gold version countless times in the past.
In May last year, when the Duchess donned the Tetsu beige military blazer from The Extreme Collection, fans took to social media to discuss her penchant.
User @lc_houridis wrote: “Another day, another military jacket.”
View this post on Instagram
A post shared by Sarah Ferguson (@sarahferguson15)

Instagram account @haley_deanna added: “I really don’t understand her obsession with military style.” When she wore a red military-style blazer in Budapest in December last year, user @ciaramquill wrote: “Sarah would want to forget the tin soldier impression outfits.”
User @plbatch56 commented: “Okay her girls need to step up and rid her closet of these jackets and get her to the beauty parlour for a good haircut. There, I said it.”
User @luxmeagainpreloved said: “I’m personally not a fan of the military look. I did have one years ago. But she really likes them and they look good on her in my opinion.”
Emma Hurley added: “I think we need to give Sarah a pass on the military jackets – they are clearly her signature look. I like red on redheads, but I agree with others that neater hair would improve this look.”
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Mrs Hinch fans share 79p ‘hero’ product promising to keep bedding bright white – even if it goes yellow | The Sun

FANS of cleaning whizz Mrs Hinch are back again with another brilliant recommendation, this time to keep your bedding sparkling. 
It can be difficult trying to keep your bed sheets bright white as they can naturally stain and turn dull in the wash.

While there are many products that promise to help lessen discolouration, there aren’t many that work with ease.
Luckily, those on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group have a fantastic suggestion to help get rid of yellow stains. 
One person asked: “What is the best washing method to keep them white – other than just a whites wash?”
There was one clear winner in the responses – Dr. Beckmanns white sachets.
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One woman said: “Dr. Beckmanns will definitely work – it always keeps the colour of mine.”
“Dr. Beckmanns is certainly the one here, it has been good for us,” added another savvy cleaner. 
These can be purchased in supermarkets across the country such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.
They normally cost £1.50 but are currently available in Asda for just 79p for three remover sachets. 
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I found a 47p bargain at Wilko – people say I’m selfish & cleared the shelf

Hairdresser shares the top customer comments that make the pros wince

The site is full of brilliant reviews from happy customers who’ve given their own glowing verdict.
One said: “This really does make the whites literally glow! The whites came out stunningly white! Very impressed! Much better than Vanish! Had to order more!”
“Keeps my white bedding, clothes and towels bright and clean. Easy to add a sachet to every wash,” another echoed. 
A third weighed in: “I use it often with whites, and it works really well, especially on towels”.
“I use this when my whites need a boost. It really brightens them up.Removes stains to . Very good for the price. Good to keep a packet in laundry cupboard,” someone else agreed. 
The group currently has over 627,000 members and has dozens of users posting on it each day looking for tips
FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today
It was made for fans of the viral cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchcliffe give their own home hacks. 
There were loads of other helpful suggestions given to which will help you get keep your whites gleaming. 
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One person wrote: “White vinegar in softener tray, bicarb, always white and smells lovely for longer. Doing this for years. Good luck”
And another swore by a more traditional product: “I always put Vanish for whites in my washes”.
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I was swapped at birth and only found out at 43… then my biological family totally rejected me | The Sun

SHIRLEY Muñoz Newson, 64, from Wyoming, USA, felt like an outsider until a DNA test blew her world apart.
She then learned what family really is.

“With trembling hands, I handed my boyfriend Scott the DNA results and asked him to read them.
“As I heard the words: “Jim Morgan has a 0.00% chance of being Shirley’s father,” it felt as though my world was being torn apart. 
“I drove straight to my mum Jean’s house to confront her. Her response was as cold as ice. If Jim wasn’t my dad, she said, then she wasn’t my mum either – and she’d take a DNA test to prove it. 
“Ever since I could remember, I’d felt like I didn’t fit in with my Irish-American family. My parents and seven siblings were all tall and fair, while I was small with brown eyes and olive skin. 

I’m a mum & I feed my family of four for £1 per person – here’s how

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“As a child, there were constant comments and jokes from people in our small town. Was I the postman’s daughter? Did I have a different dad? Confused and humiliated, I pushed the hurt down and pretended I was fine.
“But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Growing up, my family never showed me much love. Mum recoiled from holding my hand and Dad didn’t hide his dislike. 
“I didn’t have a good relationship with my siblings either, except for my brother Bill, who was three years younger. I sensed my other siblings resented me, and that my arrival had changed the family in some unspoken way. 
“As the years went by, I got married, built my career as an accountant and raised my children – Chris, now 46, Lindsay, 41, and TJ, 38. I got divorced in 1992 and had a second, brief marriage from September 1997 to April 1998. 
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“In summer 2000 I started dating Scott. A few months later, my dad – then aged 80 – developed a heart condition, and announced that he’d always suspected I wasn’t his – and wanted us to take a DNA test.
“In a strange way, I wasn’t shocked, because I wanted to find out, too – I’d always felt something wasn’t right. Two weeks later, on the evening of my 43rd birthday, the results revealed Jim was not my dad.
‘Need answers’
“Weeks later, another test confirmed I wasn’t my mother’s biological daughter either.
“There hadn’t been an affair, so there was only one explanation I could think of: I had been switched at birth. I ran into the bathroom and wept.
“As I looked in the mirror, I saw a stranger. Whose life had I been living all these years? And who had been living mine?

“After telling my children, I confided in my brother Bill. Along with Scott, they supported me no end. Needing answers, I went to the public library to trawl through the archive of newspapers from 1958 and hired a lawyer so I could have patient files and medical records opened.
“I discovered another girl had been born at Campbell County Memorial Hospital, Gillette, Wyoming, on April 8, 1958 – to a 20-year-old unmarried woman called Polly Muñoz.
“It was later determined that somehow, within the first few hours of us being born, the babies were switched, and I went home with the Morgan family, while the other baby, named Debbie, went with Polly.
‘Leapt with joy’
“The hospital had no idea the mix-up had occurred, and when approached, they came up with outlandish scenarios as to how it may have happened, suggesting that someone off the street had come in and switched the babies.
“It was ludicrous, so I decided to file a lawsuit against Banner Health Systems, which staffed and operated the hospital.

“Within six months, both my birth mum and Debbie had been traced by an adoption intermediary and my attorney, who called them and told them what had happened.
“I felt sure that Debbie was the only other person who’d truly understand what I was going through. But when I called her in October 2001, she rebuffed any suggestion that we meet, and then wouldn’t pick up my calls. Then, three days later, I answered my phone to hear a low, quiet voice. 
“It was Polly, my biological mum. My heart leapt with joy. She told me she lived eight hours away, but when I asked to meet up, she said it wasn’t possible yet – her husband had never been happy about her having a baby out of wedlock and didn’t want to discuss it.
“Meanwhile, Jean, Jim and my siblings were preparing to meet Debbie. They threw her a big party and I reluctantly agreed to attend, bringing Scott and my son TJ with me.
“Seeing banners that read “Welcome to our long-lost daughter” hurt my heart, as did watching this tall woman fit right in with her excited new family. Debbie and I shared a hesitant embrace, but I left soon after – it was all too much. 
“A few days later, Polly suddenly came to visit me. I could see myself in her features and colouring, but it wasn’t the reunion I desperately wanted.
“There were no hugs, just cautious chit-chat. Likewise, my biological half-brother and half-sister from Polly’s marriage wanted nothing to do with me.
“The rejection was so painful, but thankfully I was able to build a relationship with my mother’s sister, my aunt Mary, who showed me a huge amount of love, teaching me about my heritage and how to cook Mexican food.
“In November 2001, I changed my middle name from Marie to Muñoz to honour my Mexican background. 
“Although I didn’t have any further contact with Debbie, through interviews she later gave to the press, I learned that despite being devoted to Polly, she mourned the childhood she missed and often wondered about who she would have been if she’d grown up with her rightful family.
“In 2003, I adopted Austin, now 22, and Scott and I married the following year. My lawsuit against the hospital was settled after mediation and I tried to find some peace. 
“Two years later, in September 2006, Debbie died aged 48, while Jim died in August 2009, at 88, and Jean in December 2018, at 94.
“I’d had little contact with the man and woman who raised me in the intervening years – with everything that had happened, our relationships just broke down, although I’m still close to my brother Bill.
“And by the time Polly died in September 2016, aged 74, she had only got in touch to ask me for money. 
“I coped by denying all my emotions, convincing myself I was fine – until Austin kept badgering me to write a book about it.
“Although I had therapy over the years, when I finally sat down to start writing in September 2021, the floodgates opened, and I realised I was a mess. Writing my book helped me to finally find the peace I had been searching for. 
“People ask me if I wish the switch hadn’t taken place. But I believe this all happened for a reason, giving me the chance to find my strength, share my story and to help others.
“When the truth was revealed, there wasn’t a neat, fairy-tale ending, and I’ll never understand why my biological mother and siblings rejected me.
“But I’ve created a family built on more than just DNA. From my brother Bill and long-lost aunt Mary, to Scott and my incredible children, grandson Dace, 13, and granddaughter Irelynn, two, I have a life full of love.
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